Meet the Excom

Meet the Executive Committee


Speak UP Paris! ExCom 2019-2020


Being part of the Toastmaster's Ex Com is a fantastic opportunity to build leadership and communication skills, set goals as a team, while having a great time and ensuring the growth and stability of the club.



Club President

Vik is a solar person with an amazing voice and mesmerizing energy. She is a freelance editorial director and speaker coach for professional events which gives her free time to let her jazz sparkle over the world. She's from Lithuania, but she has studied in the US and she is currently living in Paris.

She is a positive problem solver and a great public speaker.




Vice President Membership

Tania has lived in a few countries before finding her home away from home in Paris. She joined Speak UP Paris! because speaking in front of people has often triggered the ‘deer in the headlights’ effect and crippled her otherwise cheerful character! Tania has since learnt to find joy in public speaking and - as VP membership - is devoted to making sure that more people join the ranks of Toastmasters. She loves road-trips and would give her right arm for an endless supply of watermelons.





Temi loves travelling, discovering new cultures and is now passionate about public speaking. Toastmasters is for her a great way to meet like-minded people striving to enhance their skills and go beyond their comfort zone. Honored to be the Treasurer this year, she is responsible for the financial budgeting and planning of the club. She loves pestering her family with her camera by taking many (non flattering) candid photos of them!




Vice President Education

Kasia as VPE helps our members achieve their speaking goals and ambitions. She has an analytical mind and crunching numbers is her job. In her free time she enjoys small concerts in underground clubs of Paris and Impressionist art and is an amateur of racket sports. Toast Masters is her recent passion that brings a lot of inspiration!



Vice President Public Relations

Johanna is a dynamic public speaking coach and a facilitator of collective intelligence. She is American, from a multicultural family, and is  passionate about adventure, meeting people, public speaking and unblocking people’s limiting beliefs. She believes in creative living  and loves to dance modern jazz and drink good wine. Her favorite word is mischievous… and she thinks that one shouldn't take life too seriously!




Luis arrived recently in Paris after several years of moving from place to place. He joined Toastmasters to inoculate himself  against the fear of public speaking. As the Sergeant-at-arms, he makes sure that there is a venue available for each meeting and handles the club’s materials.
He likes taking power naps, climbing and taking long walks in nature (or to the next bar).



Deputy VP Education

Solli is a curious and adventurous Swedish expat who is challenging her longtime fear of public speaking at Toastmasters while having fun. She is passionate about photography and loves to explore off the beaten path leaving her with thrilling stories to share. Not long ago she left the corporate world and set off as the a freelancer specialized in digital marketing and has a black-belt in multi-tasking!





Ashish is an energetic team player who is passionate about public speaking and English/Hindi poetry. Having traveled to different countries, he has developed curiosity in diverse languages and cultures.  He values diversity, knowledge, sharing and continuous improvement which attracted him to SpeakUp Paris! As the secretary of the club, his role involves handling the administrative details and ensuring that the Ex-com team actions are agreed and implemented.



Immediate Past President

Lucy is one of our chartered members, she has been a member of Speak Up Paris! Since day one. She is passionate about politics and protecting the environment. She has previous experience in climate diplomacy and has been working for a French MP since 2017, on sustainable development issues. A fun loving “foodista”, she delights in discovering new culinary spots in Paris!


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