Public Speaking in Paris


Are you looking to improve your public speaking skills in Paris? Join Toastmasters, a worldwide leader. Events are open for free.

Yes, public speaking is as great as it is scary! We have all been through it. We all know how important it is and we all need to practice. At Toastmasters, this is exactly what we do. In a very fun and international environment you can develop your leadership and communication skills.

Public speaking in Paris

Speak Up Paris is an international Toastmasters Club in Paris.

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. The organization has more than 345,000 memberships. Members improve their public speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,900 clubs in 142 countries that make up the global network of meeting locations.

Toastmasters SpeakUpParis! is an international club in Paris. We are a non-profit association. The participation for guests is always free of charge. If you become a member, the fee (about 65 Euro every 6 months, plus costs for manuals) covers club administration fees.

What is public speaking for us? 

Public Speaking Tips

Whether you're talking to a small group of people or speaking to a large audience, you want to be sure your speech is memorable and enjoyable. Follow these five easy tips to help ensure your speech delivers:

  1. Be prepared. Your audience is giving you their time and consideration, so rehearse enough to be confident you'll leave a good impression.
  2. Start strong. Begin your speech with a powerful opening that will grab your audience's attention, such as a startling fact or statistic, an interesting story or a funny joke.
  3. Be conversational. Avoid reading your speech word for word. Instead, refer to notes or points from an outline to help your speech have a more free-flowing, conversational tone.
  4. Speak with passion. If you're truly invested in what you're saying, you'll be better able to keep your audience's attention.
  5. Be patient. It's easy to get frustrated if you make a mistake. But remember that public speaking is not easy and it takes time to hone your skills. Keep practicing and you will reach your goals.

And then join our club to master public speaking skills!