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Come visit us as a guest, it's free!

You can attend any of our meetings as a guest up to three times maximum. Just buy a drink and then relax and enjoy the event with us! For some special events, like contests, a small fee may be applied to cover the location costs.

For new-comers, attending a Toastmaster's meeting doesn't require any preparation. It is just like going to the theatre or stand up comedy! You have the chance to hear great speeches on a variety of interesting subjects, from various members who are there to develop their public speaking skills.

If you would like to become a member the process is detailed in membership process.

Reserve your spot

We have a limited amount of guest spots available per meeting and therefore we require your to reserve your spot in advance if you would like to come as a guest. Our meeting locations may change, so to find out the meeting location and reserve your place please either;

- Send us an email at

-  Sign up on the contact us section of the website

- Join our events on Facebook

- Join our events on MeetUp

Enjoy the club

By participating in the Speak Up Paris! Toastmaster's club you will meet amazing international people that come with exactly the same goals.

Develop your leadership

There are multiple way to influence and lead people. Toastmasters is a great way to learn new skills, and put them in practice, in a very nice and friendly environment.

Become a great speaker

At Toastmasters we all want to excel in public speaking. You will have the opportunity to give both planned and impromptu speeches.

By following pathways, our e-learning program, listening to your mentor, and practice, practice practice... you will be amazed at how fast you improve.