Speak Up Toastmasters Club Events Calendar

Be a guest, it's free!

You can attend any of our meetings as a guest. Usually the entrance is free and you just have to buy a drink (6 Euros) and enjoy the event with us! For some special events, like contests, a small fee may be applied to cover the location costs.

Be a member

You can be a guest as long as you like. But it may not take much convincing before you decide to join. As a non-profit organization, we only ask our members to pay for the cost of the club. For new members the initial fee for 6 months is about 85 Euro. It includes the two manuals and the help of a mentor. Then the fee is about 65 Euro every 6 months.

Book your place

Most of the time you can just come to the meetings, but we do appreciate if you tell us in advance that you plan on visiting. To book a spot at the table, there are multiple ways to do it:

- Send us an email at

- Join our events on Facebook

- Join our events on MeetUp

Enjoy the club

By participating to Speak Up Paris Toastmasters club you will meet amazing people like, that come with exactly the same goal.

Develop your leadership

There are multiple way to influence and lead people. Toastmasters is a great way to learn new skills, and put them in practice, in a very nice and friendly environment.

Become a great speaker

At Toastmasters this is what we like the most: public speaking. Follow the manuals, listen to your mentor, and just go... you will be amazed by how fast you improve.