How does it work?

How do Toastmaster meetings work?

For new-comers, attending a Toastmaster’s meeting doesn’t require any preparation. It is just like going to the theatre or stand up comedy! You have the chance to hear speeches on a variety of interesting subjects, from various members who are there to develop their public speaking skills.

Guests will likely be asked to introduce themselves briefly, and, if willing, they can participate in the table topics session (impromptu speaking for 1-2 minutes)!

Overall information on the international organization is available at

There are over 300,000 Toastmasters clubs in the world. Clubs share some things are common (such as speeches, improvisation, and evaluations), but each club is different. At Speak Up Paris, we love using the stage as a gym to train our individual skills, all whilst enjoying a relaxing, fun and international atmosphere.

Yes, we usually meet at a restaurant and it’s not very formal, so you can enjoy yourself after a long day of work and have a drink or bite to eat.

We are also an English speaking club. Our meeting are 100% in English and only in a rare exception would you find otherwise. If you are interested in a French or bilingual club, you can visit the many other available clubs in Paris.

Just to give you an idea, here a couple of videos. In the first, you will see how a club meeting is generally held (don’t worry, no board-room table for us)! In the second, you can watch the speech from the world champion of public speaking (Toastmasters International 2016)!

Toastmasters Meetings – The Club Experience

Toastmasters International- The World Champion of Public Speaking