Membership Process

Want to become a member of Speakup Paris?

Membership Criteria – what do we look for in our members?

Fluent English, Regular attendance, Positive Attitude, Growth Mindset, Team Spirit, Willingness to help others.

Our Club Values


Club Experience – What does membership mean?

-Practise giving prepared and impromptu speeches

-Receive and practise giving feedback in a supportive and friendly environment

-Regularly take on different roles at club meetings

-Get access to a mentor – an experienced Toastmaster’s member

-Take on club leadership roles (as an officer in the club Executive Committee)

-Benefit from an interactive and immersive learning environment

If you feel that these criteria, values and benefits  fit you, then here’s how to join!

  1. Visit us Three times and do a Table Topic (impromptu speech) for us to get to know you better.
  2. Speak to the Vice President of Membership about your goals and motivations for becoming a Toastmaster’s member.
  3.  Await the Club officers “green light” on your candidacy based on the club’s requirements, values and current spaces available.
  4. Fill in the application forms and pay your membership fees (€125/year).
  5. Participate in an induction ceremony, take the membership oath (it’s fun and painless ;-)) and get assigned a mentor!
  6. Congratulations!  Once a member, get access to Toastmaster’s International Online resources, Toastmaster’s magazine, contests and more. Your Journey begins!

Just to give you an idea, here a couple of videos. In the first, you will see how a club meeting is generally held (don’t worry, no board-room table for us)! In the second, you can watch the speech from the world champion of public speaking (Toastmasters International 2016)!

Toastmasters Meetings – The Club Experience

Toastmasters International- The World Champion of Public Speaking